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BD janitorial provides building services for several Lake Oswego commercial buildings and commercial offices. Several of the buildings and offices that we provide janitorial services, we have served for over 7 years. This shows that BD Janitorial is reliable and does a great job because our customers have retained our services year after year. In the commercial office complex that we provide building services for, several of the buildings tenants have asked us to clean their office space which shows our dedication to cleanliness and thoroughness.

My Lake Oswego Building Services Guarantee to You.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.We promise to correct any issues that are not to your satisfaction, within 24 hrs or less.

” I toured the building yesterday and it looked Fantastic”

Common Commercial Office Building Problems

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From a blog at (vista films makes architectural film coatings for commercial & residential windows). The blog lists 5 of the most common tenant complaints.

1 HVAC complaints the office or building is too hot or cold

2 IAQ problems such as the humidity, odors are present

3 Empty restroom dispensers

4 Pest invasion

5 unanswered work orders

While I can’t do much about  complaints 1 & 4 I can solve the odor problem mentioned in complaint # 2 and can maintain the paper products for the restrooms. # 5 complaint, I can turn in a repair or notify the building manager or owner of a broken toilet, light fixture not working and convey any message from the building owner or manager regarding any repair to building tenants.


70% Of a Buildings Visitors Find This Extremely Important

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70% of visitors to a building rank finding a clean washroom as extremely important according to an article at

While restroom cleaning is a very  important part of our commercial building services, to go beyond just cleaning the restrooms and into cleaning for health as well. Cleaning for health includes:

  1. Disinfecting all touch areas.
  2. Following the dwell times for disinfectants.
  3. Not cross contaminating areas or surfaces.
  4. Using clean cloths and equipment for each restroom.
  5. Using chemicals that are Green Seal or EPA approved.

This would be a good place to mention the Ultimate in cleaning and disinfection for restrooms and commercial building break rooms and that would be Steam Cleaning. Steam cleaning is a 2-5 second death for almost all microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, germs. Plus it also cleans and disinfects without chemicals and leaves no chemical residue or odor. Steam cleaning for restrooms and break rooms has lots of benefits for a minimal cost.

Why is Restroom Cleaning so Important?

Let’s look at a list of the possible microorganisms, viruses, bacteria that can be found in a public restroom, streptococcus, staphococcus, E coli, shingella bacteria, hepatitis A virus and the common cold virus. The list is from For instance, the cold virus can live on a surface for up to 72 hours. Frequent cleaning and disinfection can help reduce the spread of the cold virus.