Commercial Cleaning for Sherwood.

We offer reliable commercial cleaning for:

  • churches
  • businesses
  • retail
  • offices such as insurance, real estate etc.
  • manufacturing
  • engineering
  • common areas for office complexes, apartments etc
  • windows commercial & residential

Service offerings for commercial cleaning customers.

Basic Commercial Cleaning Service for commercial offices or businesses that have 2 to 7 employees and may only desire to have a basic level of services done on a weekly or bi weekly basis. The basic level service could include:

  • trash & recycle removed
  • vacuum the carpeted areas or vacuum & mop hard flooring
  • clean the coffee area or break room
  • 17 step restroom cleaning process
  • clean entry door glass

We provide the above basic commercial cleaning for some of our current customers, some of which are in an office complex. Another customer that we currently provide services for, only wants the restrooms and floors cleaned each week. A daily or weekly commercial cleaning can be customized to fit Your Needs and Budget.

Full Commercial Cleaning List for a commercial office space or office and warehouse can include these services or a customized list of commercial cleaning to do’s and would look like this:

  • clean entry door glass & area
  • vacuum all carpeted area wall to wall
  • vacuum or dry + damp mop hard flooring
  • clean interior glass
  • clean desk tops & telephone handsets
  • dust removal from file cabinets & wall art & chair bases
  • remove cobwebs
  • trash & recycle out + replace liners
  • 17 Steps to restroom cleaning & disinfection + restock paper products + ordering products
  • clean interior doors to remove germs & marks — if possible
  • spot clean carpet spills
  • clean break room + counter + microwave + table(s) & chairs + fridge (ext) + floor
  • clean windows + sills
  • clean the blinds

BD Janitorial has over 20 years as a commercial cleaning company. Our commercial cleaning offerings are Bonded and Licensed and Insured and we have certifications in Green Cleaning, Restroom Cleaning, OSHA Blood-borne Pathogens.

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A Comment From A Current Customer “Everything looks great!”

The above photo show how much dust was removed from 4 work stations.
This office space was cleaned 1 X per week. Call us we can remove your dust,

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