BD Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

Reliable, Bonded, Licensed and Insured for commercial cleaning services for all your business needs!

I have been cleaning commercial offices in the Portland Metro area since 1986. I believe in offering customers a reliable and professional commercial cleaning service at a competitive price. Using equipment and cleaning agents and tools that removes dust, dirt, germs, and viruses from surfaces. Our vacuums use Hepa or Hospital grade filtration which offers a 99.7 % filtration.Looking for help with maintaining janitorial supplies that save You time and money? We provide professional cleaning and janitorial for small to mid-sized businesses, office complexes, churches. Need your commercial kitchen floor cleaned and ready for the next day? we can do that. Windows dirty? We can clean them up.

Commercial Cleaning Service Certifications.

I have commercial cleaning certifications from Betco is an industry leader providing support for facility maintenance professionals.

Basic Cleaning, OSHA Bloodbourne Pathogens, Carpet Care, Education Facility Disinfection, Life Cycle of Floor Care, Green Cleaning, OSHA Hazard Communication, Restroom Sanitation.

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Business Associations.

I am a member and contributor to and to the Global Cleaning Association. The Global Cleaning Association is an association of hundreds of cleaning business owners who share their experience with new products, new methods, changes to the business, and ideas to better serve our customers.

I am a member which is a forum of cleaning business owners, where we discuss different services of the cleaning industry.