Questions To Ask Your Next Cleaning Company.

Cleaning company questionnaire to help you decide which cleaning company proposal to accept. Below are some questions to ask each cleaning company.

 BD Janitorial  X Janitorial
 Uses cross contamination safety practices ?
 Offers No Chemical cleaning ?
 All vacuums have Hepa or Hospital Grade filters ?
 Do you have Cleaning Certifications ?
 Does not use a mop & bucket to clean floors ?
 Licensed & Bonded & Insured ?
 Offers Green Cleaning & eco products ?
 All floor pads have been cleaned & disinfected ?
 Saves $$$ for the customer on paper products ?
 Products for special flooring—Marmoleum or Dance floor ?
 Research for New products & equipment ?
 24 hour or less to solve a complaint ?
 Minor toilet repairs ?
 Overflow cleanup ?
 Burned out light bulb replacement ?
 Window cleaning ?
 Member of Several Commercial Cleaning Assoc. ?
 Offers competitive pricing ?

If you have a question about any of the items on the above list, give me a call or email.

We offer commercial cleaning services for small to mid-sized businesses or buildings and common areas.

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