Building Services for the Beaverton Area.

BD Janitorial has been providing building services for over 20 years. Our services include cleaning and disinfecting the restrooms, cleaning the common areas such as hallways, stairways, entries and kitchen or break room and yes we do windows also and can do light bulb replacement.
We understand that your customers, the leasees are our customers, keep them happy and not calling you the facility manager or owner with complaints regarding restroom condition, lights burned out, dirty entry door glass.
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Are You Making A Change From Your Current Building Services Provider?

Are you getting more complaints regarding cleanliness of the common areas and restrooms?
Are most of the complaints centered around the restrooms?
Are you paper supply costs costing more and more?
We can help, with all of the above. We provide building maintenance services for many buildings in the Westside Portland area. Our building services includes the common areas such as the entry, stairs, lunch room / break room, restroom and trash removal.

Services for Commercial Buildings & Office Complexes.

These are Some of the services we offer for common areas:
Stairways amd hallways need to be vacuumed.
Ceiling lighting should be checked and bulbs replaced.
Restrooms need to cleaned and disinfected daily or bi-weekly, changing any matting.
We can make simple repairs to toilets, perform unclogs to sinks and make other dispenser repairs.
Entry door glass cleaned and trash receptacles emptied.
Elevator cleaning.
Small carpet spots or spills removed.
Cobwebs removed.

As A Building Services Company, We Are:

Licensed Bonded and Insured.
Brad,the company co-owner has Certifications in: Green Cleaning, Basic Cleaning, Carpet care, Education facilities and several more.
We research and test New products such as Benefect– a botanical disinfectant, Hepa filtered vacuums, Microfiber floor products.
Our newest product in the building service cleaning is the use of dry vapor steam cleaning. Steam cleaning offers a No Chemical cleaning and can be used on many water and heat safe surfaces. We can now offer steam cleaning to our current and future Beaverton Building Service customers.

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