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If you are a commercial building owner or a property manager and you are looking for building services Tigard OR. BD Janitorial can help you and your tenants to have a clean and inviting building and work place.
A little about BD Janitorial and the Tigard building services we offer:
Clean and maintain your building’s common areas, which include stairway, break rooms, restrooms and entry ways.
Carpet care.
Window cleaning.
Light bulb replacement.
Minor fixture repairs.
Move out and Move In cleaning.
Exterior and parking lot trash pickup.

Building Maintenance Services for Tigard

Doesn’t it make sense, that if we are at your property and notice a broken dispenser or toilet paper holder that is loose or a toilet seat is loose to go ahead and fix that item?
The same could apply to a burned out light bulb. We can can usually make same day repairs or have the issue fixed the next day. We provide this service for some of our other property managers or building owners.


Commercial Building Services.

According to facility managers the two areas that have the biggest perception of a building or facility are: Restroom Cleanliness and Restroom Maintenance.
There are 10-17 steps involved in restroom cleaning. Checking the dispensers, picking up trash, disinfection and odor removal, fixture cleaning. Is there a ceiling vent? does it need to be cleaned? Safety bars, walls near the urinals and under the soap dispensers.

The maintenance consists of checking for loose dispensers, toilet seats, paper holders, to name a few. Are lights working? Towel dispensers working? Do they need a new battery? if they are an auto dispenser.

Steam Cleaning As A Building Service.

Steam cleaning  offers many advantages over the traditional chemical type of cleaning.
Steam kills most germs and viruses in seconds.
Steam cleaning does not need a dwell time like chemical disinfectants.
Steam cleaning has No Odor or Chemical Residue so it doesn’t effect those people who are chemically sensitive.
Steam can be used on almost any surface.
We use a Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner so the steam is less than 6% water/

Here is a List of Some of the Building Services We Offer.

We offer reliable and consistent building service cleaning for common areas, restrooms, windows and many other services. We are Licensed to Clean, Bonded and Insured and we have certifications in several janitorial services. Prefer Green Cleaning? We use Green Seal and EPA approved cleaning agents, our vacuums have Hepa filters which do not add to indoor air pollution.

Detailed Building Services

The entry area to your building is the 1st area the customers and tenants see 1st. So to make that 1st impression an inviting one would be to make sure the entry door glass is clean, the entry area is free of cobwebs, the handrail is also clean and the door pulls should be clean and not grimy from constant touching. 68% of  surveyed respondents say that dirty windows would have a negative impact on them.

The carpeting and entry mats should be clean and the door threshold should also be clean and shiny. Any baseboards should also be free of dust and any wall art and interior glass should be clean and free of dust. I find that the trash receptacles get spills and also the nearby walls can also have liquid splashed on from being near the trash. Our vacuums are Green label approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute which test tests many brands of vacuums and those vacuums which pass the testing get the Green Label Certified Vacuums.

Stairways and elevators need to be cleaned either daily or weekly. Touch pads and handrail in the elevator get cleaned. The stairways get vacuumed or moped and the handrail is cleaned.

Kitchen / break room is sometimes the 1st place tenants or customer will visit. Studies have shown that cold & flu germs get transmitted from the entry door to the kitchen / break room. Our building service makes sure to clean the touch points such as the microwave door or cupboard door handles to help break the infection cycle.

Restroom cleaning and disinfection is a job we take seriously. According to a white paper on  47% of global corporate occupiers consider sustainability as a critical issue. We have started using Benefect’s botanical disinfectant and sanitizer. As part of the building services we offer, is we can order and manage the paper products for the restrooms. The products we order include recycled or natural paper products, eco friendly hand soaps are just a few. We have found that many of the products we order are usually less expensive than local avail able products.

See the benefect disinfection and cleaning products here

A Customer Comment ” We continue to be extremely pleased with your work — many, many thanks.  As it turns out our tenant on the east side of the building would like you to clean their area as well.  I hope that you can add this to your weekly schedule. ” Judy OJM

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