Experienced Commercial Cleaning for Lake Oswego

Our Lake Oswego commercial cleaning service is for office spaces, office complexes, commercial kitchen floors and commercial buildings with common areas. Commercial cleaning can include 1-2 times per week or daily. Consistent commercial cleaning services list includes:

  • Dust removal from shelving , file cabinets, wall art
  • Restroom disinfection for touch points, floors and fixtures
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Kitchen / break room cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Ceiling vent cleaning
  •  Desk top dust removal and cleaning
  • Telephone handset

Regular carpet vacuuming is important because the carpet in an office space acts like a giant filter trapping dust, the approximate *30,000 to 40,000 skin cells we lose each hour of the day, Plus all those hairs we lose, crumbs from eating at our desks and other debris.
The Vacuum cleaners we use have been certified by the carpet and rug institute SEE Link https://carpet-rug.org/testing/seal-of-approval-program/certified-vacuums/

Ceiling vent cleaning is also an entry point for dust to enter into an office space, regular cleaning these ceiling vents can lead to better indoor air quality. In a study done by the **World Green Building Council suggested that indoor air quality could lead to a 8-11 % productivity improvement.


Dirty ceiling vents can effect your indoor office air

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Lake Oswego Commercial Cleaning for Floors

Some of our Lake Oswego commercial cleaning  customer just want the floors cleaned such as a large church sanctuary or museum. We power vacuum the floor using a Hepa filtered vacuum or use a microfiber dust mop with fringes. The floors are then mopped with microfiber pads which are changed frequently. A neutral floor cleaner is added to the mopping for better dirt, grease and spills removal.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning for Lake Oswego Area

We have tried several different types of food grade grease removers such as solvent type which liquefies the food grease which is then moped up, vacuumed up with a wet dry vacuum or pushed to a floor drain. The problem we found on a large commercial kitchen floor was that the liquefied grease got trapped in the grout lines in the tile floor or there were no floor drains nearby. Enter the Enzymatic type of food grade grease remover or digester. The client was much happier with the results from the Enzymatic grease digester. Enzymatics work by breaking down the food grease into carbon dioxide and water. Enzymatic are considered to be a Green product and safe for drains and waste water systems.

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Major Lake Oswego City Commercial Cleaning

Major cleaning could be need for a move out, some leases call for the lessee to “broom clean“or clean the vacated space after moving out. Major commercial cleaning could include the office space that hasn’t been cleaned for quite a while or the cleaning person is gone for an extended time period. Perhaps the windows just need to be cleaned or a shop restroom has not seen cleaner days.

Our Lake Oswego commercial cleaning experience covers, manufacturing shop restrooms, medical professional offices, commercial kitchen floors and dance floors. We specialize in dust removal from engineering offices, non profits and insurance brokers.

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