BD Janitorial Green Cleaning Services

BD Janitorial is proud to offer green cleaning services to the Portland Metro area. This includes Lake Oswego, Newberg, Sherwood, and Tualatin.

Why Use Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning products are not only environmentally friendly, they are also people friendly. According to studies, approximately 16% of U.S. residents are sensitive to common chemicals. We use chemicals and cleaning agents that contain no perfumes, odors, or chemical residue.

One of the Green Cleaning products we use has a 24 hr residual barrier against some germs and viruses. This product is also advertised by the manufacturer to be safe for use on children’s toys.

Products and Methods We Use

  • Vacuum cleaners with Hepa or Hospital Grade filtration. These filters capture particles down to .3 microns, which covers most allergens.
  • Micro fiber cloths that attract and capture dust and hair. People lose up to 100 hairs per day, not something you want lying around your office.
  • Cleaning agents that are considered by the EPA to be very slightly toxic to non-toxic.
  • Special cleaning cloths for desktops and telephone handsets. These cloths remove up to 90% of germs from a surface.

Chemical Toxicity Chart

Active Ingredient in Institutional Disinfecting Products Bleach-Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25% Bleach Concentrate Phenols Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Hydrogen Peroxide Botanicals Benefect Contains Thymol Silver DihydrogenPure Green 24
EPA Toxicity Category I I or II III III or IV IV IV
Toxicity Category Warnings I –Highly Toxic II – Moderately Toxic III – Slightly Toxic IV –Relatively Non-Toxic

** I have used both Benefect & Puregreen 24. Benefect has a perfume. Puregreen 24 has a slight perfume.

Do You Want a Green Cleaning?

Call or email us to discuss a commercial green cleaning schedule for your office, shop or business. We also offer janitorial green cleaning for commercial buildings with common areas.

What is Green Seal? here is a quote from their brochure, ” ” Green Seal-certified products reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and natural resources while delivering the performance you expect.”

Bd janitorial we always look for the best green cleaning agents that are Green Seal approved or have the EPA Designed for the Environment Logo or is an EPA registered product. There are times when a stronger chemical is needed such as to remove an old toilet bowl ring or rust stains or oil from a shop floor. We take great care to only use acid based or other aggressive cleaning chemicals only as a last resort.

Beyond Bleach, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products.

While bleach has a place and usefulness in the cleaning area, we feel there are better green cleaning products such as the products in the Sustainable Earth Brand and many of these products that are also Green Seal Approved. This line of Sustainable Earth products does an excellent job at cleaning restrooms, windows, and floors. Below is a list of some of the eco cleaning products we use.

Sustainable Earth Glass Cleaner – Sustainable Earth Washroom Cleaner – Simple Green Building Cleaner

Even using an EPA or Green Seal product won’t be effective if the usage directions aren’t followed. As an example, almost All Disinfectants have a dwell time that is the time needed to kill the organisms that are listed on the label.

Green Building Products.


Green Seal products and eco-friendly products that include the glass cleaning mix and yes, there is even an eco-friendly bowl cleaner. We do frequent research to find the best green cleaning supplies. This also includes ordering paper products for our customers and is another eco green service we offer.


Besides the cleaning agents used on surfaces, vacuum cleaners have their own seal of approval, The CRI has a Green Seal Approved list of vacuum cleaners. All my vacuums are green seal approved except 1 which is for special uses. Our services for our building services customers also incl


The paper products we supply are priced competitively with local vendors and often is much lower in price.

Kick the Bucket, Move to a Eco Friendlier System.

While the mop bucket has it’s pluses, it also has some disadvantages such it needs to be thoroughly disinfected between jobs or tasks and can be messy or inconvenient to fill and empty.

The best green cleaning product for floor cleaning would be the microfiber mop or the flat mop. Using a pad system, each floor is mopped with a clean, disinfected pad which is changed out depending on the floor size. While banning the bucket, let’s move away from the string mop also.

In a study comparing the microbial removal between a cotton string mop and a microfiber mop/pad. The microfiber mop removed 95% of the microbes compared to 68% for the cotton string mop. The study link is listed below.

The Ultimate Eco Green Cleaning Service.

We are steamed up about steam cleaning. Steam cleaning offers a 2-5 second death to most germs and viruses. Steam has No chemical odor or residue. Steam vapor works to disinfect by heating the proteins in the cells and the fatty components of both bacteria and fungi. When heat is applied to the microorganism or cell and the temperature is raised the cell’s proteins becomes “Denatured” When many proteins become “Denatured” at once the organism cannot overcome the damage and dies. The other plus about steam is that unlike chemical disinfectants which require a dwell time to break through the envelope that surrounds some microorganisms, steam quickly breaks down the envelope around a microorganism and the microorganism dies.

The above is a brief description of how steam vapor disinfects and was taken from a white paper by Benjamin Tanner Ph.D. President of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, see the link below.