With the current world scenario we’re living through, and the pressure to reduce expenses to protect your business and your employees, you probably have wondered what can you do differently to stretch your budget. You are not alone, many businesses in the US are looking for alternatives to protect their assets through the pandemic, we know there’s a huge stress and pressure related to it, this is why we wanted to share with you this valuable and eye-opening information that will for sure be useful when planning for the future of your company.

“A modest investment in cleaning can bring you huge returns, and will in fact save you a lot of money”.


Let’s do a little bit of simple math in here, sick employees cost a lot of money, yes, LOTS OF MONEY. On average every employee request 7.7 sick days per year, which makes it for an estimated whopping $225.8 Billion spent by companies a year.

Not only companies have to deal with supporting their workforce while on paid sick leave, but there’s also a productivity factor that comes along whenever someone in your workforce falls sick, which also affects companies. Statistics suggest that workers’ performance decline between 3-8% when they are sick, or even with just initial symptoms of cold or flu, which are very common. The dust exposure, which can be present in more than half of the office spaces, cause a detriment of 2-6% on workers’ cognitive skills.


  • Dry eyes.
  • Itchy or watery eyes.
  • Dry throat.
  • Lethargy.
  • Headaches.
  • Chest Tightness.


In addition, having someone in the workforce out for unplanned absences not only affects the individual performance, but it’s a domino effect that can have consequences on a departmental level. Studies suggest that unplanned absences represent a 54% decrease in productivity, and sales collapsed by 39%.



When you decide to hire an expert’s cleaning and janitorial service for your company, you secure the future of your business, you protect your people, but also the shareholders that are expecting you to meet and exceed the monthly revenue goals.

When your office spaces are properly sanitized, you can get to reduce the contamination up 62%, cut off 80% the chances of your workers getting sick and bring down absenteeism 46%.

The most common places may represent a threat to people’s health, including:

  • Computer Mice.
  • Keyboards.
  • Desk Phone.
  • Break Rooms Sink Faucet Handles.
  • Microwave Doors Handles.
  • Refrigerator Door Handles.
  • Water Fountain Buttons.
  • Vending Machine Buttons.



When people perform their work-related duties on an environment that is clean their productivity elevates between 2-8%, which based on research suggest that it is directly related to an estimated $125,000 in yearly savings for companies with 100 or more associates with an average salary of $25,000 a year.



No business can become successful without loyal customers that continuously support their brand, all products and processes need to be carefully created based on the existing needs in the market because customers have the last word. If the companies do not appreciate the feedback from their clients’ chances are that the competition will acquire a bigger share of the same market.

Now, did you know that the cleaning is actually among the main factors customers consider when deciding to shop at a certain store or eating in a certain restaurant? Yes, customers think about the overall cleanliness of a place before making the actual decision of acquiring a product or paying for a service.

How can we translate this into numbers?

60% of customers think cleanliness is more important than lighting, temperature, quietness/music or special events.

94% of the total customers surveyed said they wouldn’t return in the future if the business had dirty bathrooms.

To summarize, you learned how the cleanliness factor can:

  • Keep your workforce at peak production levels.
  • Save you money in the long term.
  • Skyrocket your revenue.
  • Duplicate the fidelity of your customers.


Do you already have a plan in place to incorporate the commercial cleaning services to your strategy? moving forward, how much would you like your business to grow?

You can thrive even during uncertain times if you plan accordingly and based on real statistics and facts, making informed decisions can avoid you many headaches.

 When was the last time that you thought about the importance of having clean spaces and the impact it can have on your revenue?

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