We provide janitorial services for these Beaverton, Oregon  zip codes: 97005,97008,97007,97075,97076,97077.

BD Janitorial provides janitorial cleaning services for several customers in the Beaverton area. We also provide janitorial disinfection services for warehouse and shop area restrooms. Many business owners are looking for Green Cleaning or Non Chemical cleaning because of changes to the workplace environment.

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Green cleaning janitor services can be Green Seal Approved or EPA’s Recognized for Safer Chemistry. There are many Green type of disinfectants and cleaning agents and yes, even a Green bowl cleaner.

We like to use steam in our janitor restroom cleaning and disinfection, here are a few reasons:

  • No chemical odor or residue
  • No dwell time, almost all disinfectants require a dwell time to be effective
  • Steam kills, 2-5 second death to most germs and viruses
  • Steam cleaning can be used on most restroom surfaces

Since we provide janitorial services for the Beaverton area, there may be some cost savings in cleaning your office or commercial building.

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We offer janitorial commercial cleaning, window cleaning and building services


Commercial Cleaning for Beaverton Office Spaces, Warehouse Restrooms, Churches.

Are you looking to have your commercial office space cleaned on a daily or weekly basis? Interested in saving money or just give the employee who does the office cleaning a break? Perhaps you current janitorial cleaning service isn’t getting the job done.

Bd janitorial has over 20 years of experience in janitorial cleaning in Beaverton. We provide janitorial services for offices and strive for customer satisfaction. If we have missed cleaning a scheduled area or listed item we will re-clean it for free and with in 24 hours or less. We have the equipment to clean high ceiling vents which collect dust and we can remove those ceiling & corner cobwebs.

Our goal is to remove dust by using freshly laundered microfiber towels, mop floors with clean microfiber mop pads. We use people friendly cleaning agents that have No scent or Lingering odor. Our vacuums have Hospital Grade filtration systems, which has 99.7 filtration and are reasonable quiet for those times when you have to work late. Clean your telephone handset & base, remove fingerprints from your desktop and take out the trash and recycle.

Beaverton Building Services for Common Areas, Office Complexes.

Janitorial Services can include:

  • window cleaning.
  • restroom cleaning daily, biweekly
  • light bulb change outs ( some limitations to this service)
  • trash & recycle take out
  • kitchen or break room cleaning

Window Cleaning for Your Beaverton Area Commercial Property.

  • clean windows and remove cobwebs
  • sticker & decal removal
  • window cleaning can be a 1x or monthly or quarterly.

Janitorial Cleaning for Offices or Buildings in Beaverton


Are you considering having your office space or building cleaned on a 1x or on a scheduled service day? We at BD Janitorial can help you with your Beaverton office cleaning or janitorial services.

We offer just the Basics to save you $ or fit your needs.

Empty trash Yes
Empty recycle Yes
Clean & disinfect & restock restrooms Yes
Vacuum carpeting Yes
Mop hard flooring Yes
Clean the kitchen / break room If applies
Reorder supplies or tell customer supplies are low Yes

Looking for a Full Service office or building cleaning? Here are Some of the services we offer.

Empty trash & recycle Yes
Clean & disinfect & restock restrooms Yes
Vacuum carpet Yes
Mop hard flooring Yes
Clean kitchen / break room Yes
Reorder supplies or tell customer supplies are low Yes
Clean desk top & telephone handset & keyboard palm rest Yes
Clean entry door glass & windows & partition glass Yes
Remove dust from bookcases & file cabinets & wall hangings Yes
Recent small carpet spills Yes
Cobweb removal & ceiling vent cleaning(not the intake) Yes
Winter time cold & flu virus reduction Yes
Building Cleaning Services for Common Areas  
restroom cleaning & restocking Yes
window cleaning Yes
vacuum carpeting Yes
bulb replacement ( limitations) Yes
kitchen / break room clean up Yes
dust removal from wall hangings etc. Yes

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