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BD Janitorial is proud to offer janitorial services to the Portland Metro area. This includes Lake Oswego, Newberg, Sherwood, Beaverton, Tigard, and Tualatin.

Janitorial Services

Looking for janitorial services for your Beaverton or Tigard business? BD Janitorial can help. I offer commercial janitorial services to fit Your Budget and Needs. Some of my current customers just want Basic janitorial services and other customers prefer more services, see the list below. We also provide janitorial services for the Portland Metro area.

Basic Janitorial Services

Basic Janitorial Services Examples:

  1. Remove trash & the recycle.
  2. Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  3. Clean desk tops.
  4. Remove dust from bookcases, shelves, file cabinets.
  5. Clean restrooms.
  6. Kitchen or break room clean up including: counter top & floor.

Full Janitorial Services

Examples of Janitorial Services:

  1. Includes the above Basic Services
  2. Clean partition glass.
  3. Clean entry door glass & door.
  4. Clean windows.
  5. Carpet spot removal.
  6. Cobweb removal.
  7. Wall cleaning — splatters around wastebaskets.
  8. Microwave cleaning.
  9. Dust removal from wall art such as company awards, pictures, etc.
  10. Blind cleaning.
  11. Light bulb / fluorescent change out * limitations
  12. Other services can be added.
  • I provide professional janitorial services for Portland Or, Lake Oswego Or, Tualatin Or, Newberg Or, Beaverton Or. My janitorial service prices are competitive and I offer a guarantee and I am certified + licensed + bonded.

  • BD Janitorial takes restroom cleaning seriously. 51% of customer complaints are restroom related. According to an article posted at

  • Restroom cleaning also means following proper cross-contamination procedures by using products that actually trap the dirt so it can be removed. We do this by using microfiber cloths and bucket-less mops. This is from an article found on–10919 

  • One last thing which I believe is very important and that is the dwell time of the disinfectant used in the restrooms. Studies have shown that a hospital grade disinfectant registered with the E.P.A can have an effect against pathogens with a contact time of 1 minute. Our method of restroom disinfection goes beyond the 1 minute and we follow proper cross-contamination prevention.

  • Also, I am certified in Restroom Cleaning.

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