Janitorial Service for Lake Oswego OR.

BD Janitorial provides janitorial service and office cleaning for small to mid sized offices. Do you need a Daily or Weekly janitorial service? Looking for a Basic Janitorial Service or Full Commercial Janitorial  Services for the Lake Oswego area? Is reliability important to you? How about consistent results? BD Janitorial we offer all of the above.

We have been in the janitorial service business for over 20 years and we are Licensed to clean, Bonded and Insured and have certifications in several aspects of commercial office cleaning and janitorial services. Some of our current customers include churches, medical management, general office, manufacturing, doctor & acupuncture offices.

Our Janitorial Services for Lake Oswego Are Listed Below.

While most janitorial services providers for Lake Oswego clean and disinfect the same areas such as office spaces, restrooms, kitchens, stairs etc. We believe it’s the equipment or tools used to clean the office space or restroom, that makes a difference.
Dust Removal: as example, some janitorial service companies still use Feather Dusters to remove dust from surfaces, imagine the same Feather Duster for each surface and possible  for each customer.
Cleaning & Disinfecting Chemicals: we like to clean and disinfect using a Plant Based cleaner & disinfectant such as Concrobium or Benefect, to learn moreabout Plant Based Products see this link    https://www.bdjanitorial.com/whyuseconcrobium/
Steam Cleaning is another method to clean and disinfect restrooms and kitchens or breakrooms and is a commercial cleaning service for lake Oswego offices, common areas in commercial buildings. Steam cleaning means a 2-5 second death for germs, viruses and with no chemical odor or residue.
Carpet Vacuuming is another way BD Janitorial differs from competitors, many janitorial service providers use a backpack vacuum to vacuum up the soils contained in the carpeting, but backpack vacuums don’t offer carpet agitation which helps to loosen the imbedded carpet soils. We vacuum carpeting using a CRI (carpet & rug institute) approved vacuum, read more about CRI at this link    https://carpet-rug.org/testing/seal-of-approval-program/vacuums/ .Restrooms Cleaning and Disinfection Steps: Restrooms generate about 75% of customer complaints. We use a checklist when cleaning each restroom. Here are some of the steps listed below.
1 Toilet–seats–bases–tank tops are cleaned and disinfected. If the seat is loose we can tightened it if possible.
2. Refill dispensers and clean the touch areas.
3.Clean the sinks–counter tops–mirrors.
4.Replace any vanity light bulbs.
5. Clean the entry door–stall door touch areas.
6. Clean the floors with a Botanical Based Disinfectant or if the floor is Tile & Grout clean with an Enzymatic type of product.
7. Check ceiling fan cover for dust and remove it–also any visible cobwebs in the corners.
8. Clean walls under towel dispenser to remove any visible water marks
9. Remove trash and clean receptacle if needed.
10. Remove dust from wall art and stall divider tops.

These are some of the steps to a clean and disinfected restroom, we have even done some minor toilet repairs on some toilets with a chain and flapper flushing systems.occasionally restroom floors need to be “scrubbed or deep cleaned” to remove the soils that cannot always be removed with just mopping the floor. We mop all restroom floors with a clean microfiber pad, we do not use a mop and bucket system.

Other Lake Oswego Janitorial Services

Stairway cleaning along with the handrails. We clean the entry door glass. Many of our customers have a kitchen or breakroom and we can clean those also. Yes, we clean the microwave inside and out and have done some refrigerator clean outs if requested.
Breakrooms get special attention because they have cupboards and counter tops and sometimes the walls get splashed on with coffee or soda and we can remove those spills and splashes also.
I hope I have covered janitorial service you are looking for but if I haven’t please give us a call 503 537 8571 or send a text to 503 537 8571 or if you prefer email a question to brad@bdjanitorial.com    Use the same contact info to schedule a Free No nag No Hassle Cleaning Quote.

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