Considering A Change To Your Current Office Cleaning Service?

Is the current office cleaning company or person missing some areas or surfaces? or perhaps the cleanliness or the dust removal isn’t what it used to be? or what you expect?
Is your desktop not as clean and dust free as you would like it to be?
Maybe that corner cobweb has been there for the last 3 weeks or you and your employees are concerned about the Covid 19 virus in your office space?
BD Janitorial is Here to help with the above questions or most other janitorial services requests that you have.

Who Is Brad and BD Janitorial?

Our short story. Brad co-owner of BD Janitorial has been cleaning offices in Beaverton for over 20 years. BD Janitorial is Licensed to Clean – Bonded – Insured and has Passed a Background Check and has certifications in Green Cleaning, Cleaning basics, Carpet care, Education Facilities, Blood borne Pathogens and Brad recently completed and passed the exam for the Smart Tools for Enhanced Facilities Disinfection Program which covers the Covid 19 Virus.

Some of The office Cleaning Solutions BD Janitorial Provides.


How we clean a desktop.
We believe that your desktop is more than just the cleared areas between the keyboard, computer and the stacks of paperwork. Behind all those items is where the dust builds up, especially in cubicles. We use a cleaned microfiber cloth which attracts the dust and removes it. Some commercial cleaning companies use a feather duster to remove the dust, which begs the question, how often do they Clean or Wash Out that feather duster?
Next, we use a microfiber cloth wetted with a Botanical Cleaner Disinfectant to Clean and remove germs, bacteria, fingerprints. We also clean the phone handset. We can also clean your keyboard, remove dust from cubicle divider tops.
How we vacuum your carpet.
Commercial carpet cleaning with a vacuum has 2 requirements:
1. Soil removal
2. Low impact on your indoor air quality
We go the Extra step to combat bacteria, fungi and dust mites that is in carpeting. Our new vacuum cleaner offers this Extra step according to the vacuums’ manufacturer.
We can also remove or try to remove small spills and stains from your carpeting.

What Other Beaverton Office Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Dust and Cobweb removal from surfaces such as baseboards, windowsills, wall art, file cabinet tops and bookcases, side tables and chair bases. Ceiling vent covers in your office space can attract a lot of dust and this can effect your indoor air quality, we can remove that dust buildup.
We can also clean and disinfect:
Kitchen / Breakroom
Window & Blind
Trash and Recycle removal
Hard Flooring such as tile & grout
Covid 19 Disinfection

Eco products and Technology Based Cleaning Services

BD Janitorial has banned the Mop Bucket and we don’t use Bleach or Pine Sol in our building maintenance business. To clean and disinfect we use Botanical  derived disinfectant cleaners such as Benefect or Concrobium both of these products are EPA Approved to kill the Covid 19 virus and many other viruses,germs and bacteria. To learn more about Concrobium see the link below.

The other products we use  to clean your Beaverton office space have the seal of approval. See the link below to lean more about Green Seal approved products.
Here is a list of the products we use:
*Washroom Cleaner Sustainable Earth Brand
*Window Cleaner Sustainable Earth Brand
*Green Building Cleaner for general cleaning
The technologies we use are microfiber cloths, Sphergo Cleaning System which consists of a cleaning pad and the Sphergo pad holder which offer a better cleaned area.
Steam cleaning which offers a 5 second death to microorganisms and a deep cleaning all without the use of chemicals.

The Smallest Rooms That get The Most Complaints.

Restrooms generate the most complaints and usually the highest expectations for cleanliness. Some of the janitorial service complaintscome from the 5 items listed below.
1. 70% say they have had an unpleasant experience due to conditions in a public restroom.
2. Soap and towel dispensers that don’t work or are empty.
3. Unsightly garbage
4. Persistent odors.
5. Only half of employees now describe the restrooms at their workplace as excellent or very good.
* the above 5 items are from surveys found at

Our Beaverton Restroom Cleaning Services


To help us provide a Consistent and Reliably clean and disinfected restroom, we use a checklist to help keep us on track. Some of the tasks on the checklist look like this:

  • Dispensers filled and check the remaining stock and order more or notify customer.
  • Spray fixture handles,seats,counter tops with Botanical disinfectant cleaner.
  • Scrub out sinks & fixtures
  • Clean & disinfect entry & stall door handles and touch points.
  • Remove trash & replace liner
  • Replace burned out bulbs
  • Check ceiling vent cover for dust & remove dust.
  •  Check for cobwebs & remove.
  • Check wall under towel dispenser and remove any water spotting.
  • Dry mop & damp mop each floor with a clean mop pad.
  • Tighten seats if loose.

Depending on the size and flooring type and current condition of your restroom there may be more tasks  to meet your expectations. This would be a good place to mention we also offer steam cleaning using a professional grade steam cleaner.
If you have a tile and grout flooring and it has been awhile since it has been deep cleaned, we offer that service as well. One way to tell if the floor grout is clean is to compare it to the surrounding baseboard grouting. So if the floor grout is dark gray or brown and the wall grout is white then the floor grout could use a deep cleaning.

Some Janitorial Service Customer Questions and Our Short Answers

Can I Customize a janitorial service schedule to fit my budget and needs?
Yes, you can, some of our current customers request that janitorial services for 2X per month and that only certain tasks be done on each service day. This customer request looks like this:
2X Month Service
Trash & recycle removal
Clean & disinfect restrooms & breakroom
Vacuum all carpeted areas
Clean entry door & reception window glass
Covid 19 cleaning
Monthly report of surfaces cleaned & disinfected

Other Customers Request  Full Janitorial Services on a daily or weekly basis. This request looks like this:
The listed tasks are included plus the tasks listed below.
Carpet spot removal
Hard floor cleaning such as stairs, hallways etc.
Dust removal from surface tops such as file cabinets, wall art, window sills, cubicle dividers etc.
Covid cleaning for handrails, drinking fountains, phone handsets etc.
Interior window cleaning
Monthly report of surfaces cleaned and disinfected
Ceiling vent cover dust build up
baseboard dust removal

Here is a Current Customer Comment Regarding our Covid 19 service ” Brad (BD Janitorial) thank you for the enhanced disinfection protocols” Acupuncture Clinic.

Does BD Janitorial Offer A Service Guarantee?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with the cleanliness or we failed to meet your expectations regarding any of our services, we will reclean that area or surfaces to your satisfaction within 24 hours * depending on location or offer to discount the next months’ service invoice by a $ satisfactory to you.

A Current Customer Comment ” And I just wanted to let you know we have been really impressed with the cleaning service provided and wanted to say thank you.” katie Service Center Manager.

If you have a question about our cleaning services or would like a FREE NO NAG NO HASSLE QUOTE for a professional cleaning for your Beaverton business, office space, public common areas or manufacturing plant. 
Thank you for your time and visit to our site.

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