Small Commercial Office Cleaning Check Off List

Whether your office has 5 employees to 19, we can customize an office cleaning plan to fit your budget and schedule. Some of the office  space cleaning tasks we can do are:

  1. Clean the entry door glass
  2. Take out the trash & recycle & vacuum the carpeting
  3. Remove dust from all the awards your company has earned
  4. Remove dust and fingerprints from file cabinets
  5. Clean & disinfect the restrooms
  6. Clean your breakroom / kitchen

These are just a few of the tasks that can be included into a scheduled commercial office space cleaning. BD Janitorial has over 20 years of office cleaning experience and we are Licensed to Clean, Bonded and Insured.

We specialize in dust removal not just moving it around. Using microfiber cloths that actually capture dust and bacteria. Microfiber works because each strand is approximately 1/16 size of a human hair. Each square inch of a microfiber cloth contains thousands of strands to capture dust. Folding the cloth over gives each surface the optimum for dust removal.


Mid-Sized Office & Cubicle Cleaning

20 – 50 employees is sometimes called the Mid-Sized office. BD Janitorial has several customers in this group. Because the office space is larger and more employees are using the restrooms, break room and depending on the business type the trash and recycle tend to fill up faster. If your business is in this group, you may want to consider 2 -3 times per week cleaning service. Multiple weekly cleaning might look like this:

  1. Monday would be a full service day
  2. Wednesday could be vacuum carpeted area, clean restrooms and remove the trash & recycle.
  3. Friday may include cleaning the restrooms, vacuuming the carpeted areas and clean the kitchen / break room

Since the Wednesday and Friday are reduced services days there would be some cost savings.


Eco Commercial Office Cleaning

According to a Mach 2011 Poll done by Harris Interactive, “84% of U.S. adults prefer to do business with companies that use green cleaning products and practices,” BD Janitorial is certified in Green Cleaning and use Green Seal products. Currently the “hot new cleaning product is enzymatic” Basically enzyme products eat grease, dirt, odors by breaking them down, which is then digested or ” eaten “, then the enzymes are further broken down and dissipate as carbon dioxide and water. There are also Green or Natural disinfectants which offer disinfection and hospital grade disinfection using plant based ingredients.


What Customers Hate To See

From a Cintas Corporation Survey that was posted on titled “What Customers Hate to See When They Walk Into a Store. Below are the results of 99% of 1000 people who were asked how they felt about the cleanliness of specific areas of a store.

  1. 68 % of those surveyed said dirty windows would negatively impact their perception of a retail store
  2. 95 % of those surveyed said dirty restrooms would reflect negatively on a retail store
  3. 74 % of the survey respondents said that dusty surfaces would negatively impact their perception of a retail store

BD Janitorial can help you with these items on a daily or weekly basis. We offer a competitive price and outstanding service for commercial office space cleaning.

Customer Comment ” Brad you are the best” Judy, Museum.

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