Newberg OR Building Services.

Thank you for viewing our Newberg Building Services page. Brad the co-owner of BD Janitorial has been providing building cleaning services in Newberg OR. for over 15 years and has Certifications in:
Basic Cleaning
Green Cleaning
Restroom Sanitation
Educational Facility Disinfecting
Floor Care
Bloodbourne Pathogens

Looking For Reliable Commercial Building Services?

We service Small to Mid-Sized commercial buildings such as office complexes, apartment common areas in Newberg.
Some of our commercial building cleaning services are:
Common area cleaning.
Restroom cleaning and disinfection ** See The Link Below How Disinfectants Work
Stairway cleaning including the handrails.
Kitchen & break room cleaning.
Entry door and relight glass cleaning.
Carpet spot removal.

How Disinfectants work? 

Why We Use Concrobium Disinfectant



Do You Need Commercial Building Maintenance Services?

Some of the Building Maintenance Services we offer are:
Minor repairs for fixtures
Light bulb replacement
Cobweb removal from entrances
Move outs and pre-move in
We are licensed to clean,bonded and insured. BD Janitorial has been a building maintenance company for over 25 years.

Newberg Building Service Schedule to Fit Your Budget

A service schedule can be for 1x per week or 5x per week  or any combination of service days you choose.
As an example:
Some of our current building service clients request a mix of light cleaning, such as restrooms only 1x per week and then a Full Cleaning to include: stairs, restrooms, drinking fountains + entry floor and mats and door.touch point cleaning..Oh and empty the entry trash too.

As Building Services Provider, We’re Customer Sensitive.

From a Study: 1 in 4 Americans report sensitivity to chemicals –… To respond to this, we use cleaning agents that are Green Seal Approved or have Botanical ingredients or have little to no odor or are EPA registered.
We use Microfiber products such as, each restroom floor is mopped with a Clean Microfiber Mop Pad. Sinks are cleaned with microfiber cloths and so are the mirrors.
Almost half of the building services complaints are: Empty Dispensers 26% and dirty restrooms 25%* From an article by CP Online magazine.
Part of our Clean Restroom check list is to refill all dispensers and make sure they are in good condition and working condition. I reattach a paper dispnser which had pulled loose.
Since Paper products were mentioned above, BD Janitorial can order and deliver many paper products to a building location. This can save time and money for a building owner or manager. The supply cost can be added to the monthly service invoice along with the supply invoice.

Dissatisfied With Your Building Maintenance Service Company?

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Building Services Customer Comment 

“We appreciate all the hard work you do for us and are glad to continue our business relationship”. Brian Portfolio manager