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Running a business successfully on a day in, day out basis is fraught with challenges. As a business owner, you need to ensure that core aspects of your company continues to run smoothly like cogs and gears in a well-oiled machine. You also need to resolve and manage issues as they arise.
With so much work to do and so many things to deal with each day, the last thing you should be worried about is the cleanliness of your office building or commercial property.
Office cleanliness especially on a per square foot basis is extremely important because spotlessly clean commercial property will not just provide a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive environment for your workers-but also impress existing customers as well as potential ones every time they pay you a visit.


A Janitorial Service Company You Can trust

Window Cleaning

AT BD Janitorial, we are known for providing a highly professional commercial cleaning services, dependable and trustworthy cleaning service for businesses in the Tualatin, Oregon area. Should you require cleaning on a regular basis for your commercial facility, common area, office space we are equipped to do that as well.
Our janitorial services company offers an entire range of cleaning services per square footage of your building, in order to help you keep your commercial property spotlessly clean and well-maintained. As your premier commercial cleaning services for the 97062 zip code and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on consistent quality janitorial services that go well beyond the usual customer expectations.


Working With a Cleaning and Janitorial Company You Can truly Bank On.

Commercial Cleaning

The appearance of your office building or property is a reflection of your company. When you use BD Janitorial to provide your building maintenance and appearance of your property on a regular basis, it leaves a great impression on customers – a clean building will always give positive vibes and encourage people to do business with you.
On the other hand, a poorly maintained and generally unclean office property will give off negative vibes and leave a bad impression, something people remember and the kind of vibe that says: “This company doesn’t really care.”
At BD Janitorial in Tualatin, OR we understand this better than anyone else offering repetitive janitorial services. You can always rely on our professional expertise and experience as a janitorial company to ensure that your commercial property is always looking its best.
When you hire us as your janitorial service, you can expect the following and much more:
* Customized cleaning according to your repetitive cleaning needs
* Comprehensive inspection to ensure a thorough cleaning job
* Guaranteed satisfaction with our janitorial services


Take Your Routine Repetitive Cleaning to The Next level

Building Services

The Cleaning technicians at BD Janitorial use the most advanced commercial grade and eco cleaning products, tools and equipment to help rid your building of dust,dirt,bacteria and viruses like Covid 19.
Our professional janitor team works with you to come up with a cleaning plan according to your hours of operation and office routine. We will help you decide what cleaning products are ideal for the kind of flooring, carpeting and surfaces and the best methods to clean the areas you designate in your building.
These cleaning plans may consist of the following:

  • Scheduled cleaning on a repetitive basis
  • Regular carpet spot removal or cleaning
  • Kitchen/Breakroom cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning & disinfection
  • Cleaning and upkeep of hard surface flooring
  • Window cleaning
  • Complete dust removal and disinfecting surfaces
  • Covid disinfection

Office Cleaning

Advantages of Hiring Us As Your Cleaning and Janitorial Services Company

A clean and spotless building to make the right impression.
When it comes to running a business successfully, the cleaning company you work with is a reflection on you. If you’ve dealt with a janitorial service which failed to live up to the task, then it’s time to hire the real experts – cleaning services to keep your workers safe, healthy and productive, and your customers impressed and invested in you.
At BD janitorial, we have the professionalism, experience and expertise to deal with all kinds of office cleaning demands. We take ownership of every cleaning job we undertake and always follow-through when required.
For over 20 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to tangible commercial janitorial cleaning, adhering to the highest standards and regulatory compliance for our corporate janitorial services.


The Best Technologies for a Thorough Clean

We have long serviced the commercial sector and corporate accounts in Tualatin, OR and serve small offices to mid-sized businesses. We are a Betco Certified cleaner, certifications include; Basic Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Floor Care, Facility, Restroom Cleaning.
vacuum cleaners have Hepa filtration which traps 99.7% of particle down to .3 Microns which means cleaner indoor air for you. Microfiber cloths to remove dust we do not use feather dusters and we don’t use mop buckets, some cleaning companies use the same mop bucket for each account. We use clean microfiber pads to mop floors. We just purchased a new vacuum cleaner that combats bacteria, fungi and dust mites according to the vacuum’s manufacturer.
The best technologies or chemicals such as disinfectants are ineffective if the label directions aren’t followed. As an example, disinfects need to have a “dwell time” to be effective for the label listed viruses see blog post   https://www.bdjanitorial.com/how-disinfectants-work/


Building Cleaning & Janitorial Business Associations


We’re also a member and contributor to www. cleanlink.com which posts articles and surveys dealing with the commercial cleaning vendors.
www.cleaningtalk.com is made up of cleaning business owners which service commercial janitorial and also residential services. Both websites offer tips and information on new products and trends in the service business, Also members share and ask questions on products, software and equipment they are using or have experience with. Both websites offer a place to also offer advice or share experiences in the services business.


People Ask Us Do You Offer Green Clean Services?

Yes, we use eco-friendly products such as Botanically derived and EPA Approved  disinfectant cleaners for our touch areas cleaning service to ensure a healthy and clean surfaces for your employees and customers and are effective against the Covid 19 virus.
Some of the other products we use: Washroom cleaner by Sustainable Earth, Green Building Cleaner which is Green Seal Approved, Window Cleaner which is also Green Seal Approved
Learn more about Green Seal Products and Services    www.greenseal.org

Do Your Cleaning Needs Include Covid 19 Disinfection?

Brad Co-owner of BD janitorial has recently completed the Smart Tools for Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program from Betco.com and yes, Brad passed the program exam. The program covered disinfecting Touch Points such as light switches, desktops, entry doors and restrooms, chair arms in waiting rooms, breakroom handles such as fridge, cabinets etc.
Each month you will a report on the Touch points that have been cleaned and disinfected.


People ask ” Do You offer a Service Guarantee?

Here is our Guarantee to our customers. If you are not satisfied with our service or quality of work or an area was not cleaned to your expectations. We will reclean the area or surface within 24 hours(depending on location) or reduce the amount of the next service invoice to your satisfaction on the next invoice.


The Smallest Room That Gets The Most Complaints

The Restrooms generate on average 75% of customer complaints for janitorial services. To help cut down on the complaints and to satisfy our customers we have come with a 10-15 Check List for restrooms
1, Scrub out fixtures + clean & disinfect handles & bases
2.Disinfect stall & entry doors
3. Fill dispensers + disinfect touch points
4. Remove dust from wall art & ceiling vent fan covers
5.Replace burned out bulbs
6. Remove cobwebs
7.trash & recycle removed
8. Dry mop or vacuum floor & mop with cleaner
9. remove scuff marks from entry door
These are just some of the steps to a clean disinfected restroom

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