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We Provide Window Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Building Services & Commercial Cleaning For Small to Midsized offices and for Common Areas of commercial buildings.

Commercial Office or Business Cleaning Also Includes Carpet Cleaning and Hard Floor services such as Strip & Wax or Cleaning & Buffing.

Reliable Commercial Cleaning for Offices, Churches, Businesses.

Keyboard cleaning can be a part of a commercial cleaning service

Keyboard cleaning can be a part of a commercial cleaning service

BD Janitorial has been offering commercial cleaning for the Portland Metro area commercial offices, churches, small to mid sized businesses. We are Licensed to Clean, Bonded and Insured and have over 25 years of commercial cleaning experience.

BD Janitorial is NOT a Franchise. We service all our customers and we do have a select group of service providers for specialty services such as carpet cleaning and strip & wax for floors.

As commercial cleaning has changed with New types of flooring such as Marmoleum and New types of Desk and Counter tops. These new products call for in some cases special cleaners and special care to maintain the finish. We research to find the products to care for these surfaces. Also customers have become aware of chemical sensitivities, chemical residues and concern for the environment. To meet these customer needs, BD Janitorial uses products that meets the customers requests and our commitment to care for the environment, indoor air quality and waste water systems.

Our Commercial Cleaning Systems To Remove Dust and Hassles.

Dust Removal from carpeting and surfaces. We have found that New or Newer microfiber cloths remove dust better than the traditional feather or lambs wool dusters. Some people forget that feather and lambs wool dusters should be cleaned / washed after each use and they become less effective at dust removal if not cleaned after each use. Our vacuums have Hepa filters which trap up to 99.7 % of the microscopic particles that are in your carpet. By trapping the microscopic particles in our vacuums, that means fewer particles that are recycled back into your indoor office air. We maintain our vacuums by frequently changing the bags and the filters and brush rollers. Some businesses have an “in house or employee ‘ who does the vacuuming, but sometimes the “in house ” commercial cleaner doesn’t maintain the vacuum or doesn’t keep with up ordering the necessary parts to keep a vacuum in good working order.

Commercial Cleaning And Disinfection For Restrooms.

Germs and Viruses oh My! Germs on handles, doors, dispensers. light switches and then there are the floors. There are almost as many cleaning products and disinfects as there are germs. Which product should a commercial cleaning person or company choose? Fortunately, there are many good cleaning and disinfecting products to choose from. There are disinfectants that clean and disinfect and there are disinfects that just disinfect. To further divide the disinfecting products there are Organic, Natural, Eco, Green type of disinfectants then there are the EPA Registered type of disinfectants. As a commercial cleaning company BD Janitorial uses products that are Green Seal approved or Eco friendly or if the task requires a stronger product we always use a EPA approved product 1st before we try another product. 1 of the disinfectants we use is Benefect see the link for more info benefect disinfectant it is a Botanical based cleaner/disinfectant.

Commercial Window Cleaning.

Yes, we do windows and the blinds also. We use a Sustainable Earth brand of window cleaner. We recently began using a window pad cleaning systems which uses less cleaning solution which means there isn’t those drips and run off from typical window cleaning methods.Window cleaning can be included in a commercial cleaning service package or just done on a 1x or 4x a year, whatever works for you.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services That We Offer.

Here is some of the services we perform for some of our customers. Weekly office cleaning – Common Area cleaning for office complexes – Basic services which includes removing: trash & recycle and vacuum the carpet – Sanctuary floor cleaning – Restroom cleaning & disinfection & floor cleaning – Window cleaning – End of lease move out. These are some of the commercial cleaning services we offer.

And 1 last thing, we have certifications in many areas of cleaning and attend webinars to learn about new products or improvements to better serve you.

We provide Commercial Cleaning Services For:

Churches, Doctor’s offices, Medical Case Managers, Engineering Offices, Office Spaces, Manufacturing Office & Shop Area, Service Providers, Insurance Offices, Dance Studios, Museums, Commercial office Common Areas, Commercial Kitchens.

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