We Provide Window Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Building Services & Commercial Cleaning For The Following Cities:

Building Service Offerings

Reliable Building Services By BD janitorial

If you are a property manager or commercial building owner and you are looking for a janitorial services company to clean, disinfect and reduce tenant complaints, then give BD Janitorial call or text 503 537 8571 for a Free No Nag Quote. BD Janitorial is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Here are the building services that we offer:

  • Clean & disinfect the restrooms.
  • Vacuum the carpet using Hepa filtered vacuums. Remove dust from baseboards.
  • Clean entry glass & doors. Clean interior glass.
  • Clean handrails entry & interior.
  • Empty trash & recycle & clean trash receptacle + remove spills for nearby walls.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Order supplies (restroom & break room) and possibly save you $$.
  • Light bulb burn out — limitations.
  • Clean common area rooms such as a break room.
  • Send repair requests.

Do You Manage or Own Commercial Property? We provide Building Services for These Cities.

Beaverton, OR     http://www.bdjanitorial.com/building-services-beaverton-or/

Lake Oswego, OR    http://www.bdjanitorial.com/building-services-lake-oswego-or/

Newberg, OR     http://www.bdjanitorial.com/building-services-newberg-or/

Sherwood, OR   http://www.bdjanitorial.com/building-services-sherwood-or/

SW Portland, OR    http://www.bdjanitorial.com/building-services-sw-portland-or/

Tigard, OR   http://www.bdjanitorial.com/building-services-tigard-or/